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Please be aware that the Volcano Talent Acquisition team has been made aware of a scam,
where individuals have been misrepresenting themselves as representatives of Volcano.
Volcano does NOT use Google Hangout, Yahoo! Messenger, or any other instant message tool
as a channel for recruitment. Any Volcano legitimate communication would come from an email address.

If it appears that you may have been the target of a phishing/social engineering scam,
please be aware that is not associated with Volcano official recruiting process in any way.
We take personal security and privacy very seriously and are investigating this scam. Please
be aware that in the past similar scams, such as the one you may have experienced, the possible
intent was gain access to personal private information, to solicit bank account information
or, have asked you to deposit a fraudulent check, then withdraw the money, and send funds via
wire transfer to a third party as part of a fake employment deal. If you are approached with
such a proposition, please do NOT share any financial or personal information via Google Hangout,
Yahoo! Messenger, or any other avenue until you feel certain that the recruitment request is

If you feel that you have been a victim of this scam by providing personal or sensitive
information, including bank account information or you have deposited a check sent to you by the
scammer, you my excise your option of filing a report with your local Police agency and or with
the FBI by following this link:

If you have any further questions please click here to send us a message.

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