CORONARY PHYSIOLOGY: FloWire® Doppler Guide Wire

The only Doppler guide wire that provides direct measurement of intracoronary flow
  • Available in a "floppy tip" option, as well as "straight" and "J" wire tips
  • Can be used in decision-making prior to intervention

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  • Photo #1: FloWire® placed across lesion.
  • Photo #2: FloWire® technical drawing.

  • Doppler Transducer Tip
  • .014" O.D.
  • Floppy and Flex Tip Options
  • Standard and Extra-Support (XT) Wire Types
  • Straight or "J" Wire Tip
  • Easy-To-Use Rotary Connector
Useful in Evaluating
  • Intermediate lesions
  • Multi-vessel or multi-lesion disease
  • Restenosed lesions

FloWire® Doppler Guide Wire

Size Length Description Model No.
.014" 175 cm Floppy 1400
.014" 175 cm Floppy "J" Tip 1400J
.014" 175 cm Floppy XT 1403
.014" 175 cm Floppy XT "J" Tip 1403J
.014" 300 cm Floppy XT 1413
.014" 300 cm Floppy XT "J" Tip 1413J

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