IVUS IMAGING: ChromaFlo® Imaging

Enhanced Clarity. Simple.

Available on all Volcano IVUS systems, ChromaFlo imaging highlights blood red at the touch of a button, for the easiest assessment of stent apposition, lumen size, and more.

Easy Image Interpretation

Click on a thumbnail below to see each image in a larger size.
  • Photo #1: Lumen sizing
  • Photo #2: Malapposed stent
  • Photo #3: Well apposed stent
  • Photo #4: Bifurcation: Plaque across carina
  • Photo #5: Thrombus
  • Photo #6: Dissection
  • Photo #7: Eagle Eye® Platinum
  • Photo #8: Keyboard Close-Up

Simple to Use
  • Simply press the button
  • No special procedures, no flushing
  • Works with Volcano’s fast, plug-and-play digital IVUS catheters
Workhorse Versatility

Appropriate for coronary and peripheral vessels
  • Coronaries including left main and bifurcations
  • SFA and iliac
Provides both lumen and vessel information
  • Colorization highlights the lumen
  • Automatically co-registered grayscale IVUS allows you to observe plaque burden, calcium, and vessel size
Available on all Volcano imaging systems worldwide
  • Compatible with Volcano Eagle Eye® plug-and-play digital IVUS catheters on all Volcano imaging systems.

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