IVUS IMAGING: Eagle Eye® Platinum Catheter

Fast plug-and-play IVUS is now easier than ever.

Designed for Exceptional Deliverability
  • Soft, tapered tip with very low entry profile
  • Smooth, almost transitionless scanner edges
  • Fits through all 5F guides
  • Lubricious GlyDx™ hydrophilic coating
  • Significantly less force to cross and pull back through a simulated lesion¹

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  • Photo #1: Radiopaque Markers for Quick, Convenient Length Estimation
  • Photo #2: VH® IVUS Imaging Demonstrating Plaque Composition Assessment
  • Photo #3: ChromaFlo® Imaging Stent Apposition Assessment
  • Photo #4: Grayscale helps assess lesion anatomy for accurate stent placement

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More Information:

New Radiopaque Markers for Quick, Convenient Length Estimation
  • Three Platinum-Iridium markers not offered by other IVUS catheters
  • Facilitates length estimation without the time and expense of a pullback device or marker wire
With all the advantages of Volcano’s proprietary all digital design
  • 20 MHz transducer free of NURD and guide wire artifact allows for accurate assessment of cross-sectional areas and diameters
  • Shortest tip to transducer distance facilitates distal imaging
  • Long, 24 cm rapid exchange lumen enhances track and push
  • 0.014" guide wire compatibility for both coronary and peripheral indications

Technical Specifications:

Minimum Guide Catheter: 5F(I.D. 0.056")
Maximum Guide Wire: 0.014"
Maximum Imaging Diameter: 20 mm
Working Length: 150 cm
Frequency: 20 MHz

Order Information:

Catalog number: 85900P

Compatible with the Volcano R-100 Pullback Device

1 - Data on file with Volcano Corporation vs. Eagle Eye Gold

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