SYSTEMS: Volcano s5 Imaging System

  • Simple, guided user interface
  • Intuitive, easy to learn workflow
  • Designed with the end user in mind
  • Lightweight. Maneuverable, PC-based system

What is DICOM?
A standard that allows information exchange between medical devices

What does it do?
Ability to transfer image and patient information to a DICOM System (Workstation or Server) over a network using DICOM Standard 3.0

Dicom Networking

  • Image and Data Storage archived on LOCAL In-Vision's CD-R, Hard Drive or VHS videotape
  • Physician/Cath lab technician has to hand carry media to another device
  • Image and Data Storage archived on REMOTE server via DICOM network
DICOM Networking Advantages
  • Improves productivity costs and efficiency
  • Instant access to patient information
  • Automatic patient management, scheduling, billing and support
  • Transfer image and patient information to remote workstation
  • Global access (internet/extranet) to patient exam data
  • Archive patient information on a remote server
  • Backup and disaster recovery
Order Information
s5 IVUS Imaging System 804200-001


REACT - Reduce Exposure and Contrast
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