SYSTEMS: Volcano s5i® Imaging System

Integrating IVUS into the Interventional Lab

The Volcano s5i® IVUS Imaging System uses a series of coordinated components to allow for a customized incorporation of IVUS into the interventional lab.
  • With the s5i®, IVUS is always ready and always on
  • Component-based system accommodates a number of different configurations
  • No need to transport a console from lab to lab
  • PC-based system enables remote operation, multiple control devices, and custom viewing options

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  • Photo #1: s5i® CPU placement in the control room.
  • Photo #2: Simple bedside controller and PIM for physician control.
  • Photo #3: View IVUS images from multiple monitors.

PC-based System Allows Simple, Flexible Integration into New or Existing Interventional Labs
In many interventional labs, space is a premium and busy labs need technologies that do not impede the traffic patterns or the procedural workflow of the lab. The versatility of the CPU, the nucleus of the s5i®, allows for placement in the control room or other remote locations. Components that connect to the CPU have been designed with 100 foot (~30 meter) cables to accommodate a variety of placement locations.

View IVUS Images from Multiple Monitors
The flexibility of the s5i® allows for IVUS images to be viewed simultaneously from multiple vantage points in the lab. The image can be directed to an existing monitor on the boom in the patient room and / or to a dedicated monitor in the control room.

Simple Bedside Controllers and Catheter Interface Modules for Physician Control
The s5i® allows for multiple user interfaces, providing control of the IVUS system from both the convenience of the sterile field and the safety of the control room.

Additionally, with the patient interface module (PIM) hanging from the patient table, a physician can now call for an IVUS catheter, plug it in, and begin imaging immediately.

DICOM Connectivity to Facilitate Archiving
DICOM connectivity is standard on the s5i®, enabling communication to a network or archiving station via a standard Ethernet cable. This makes data storage and case review more accessible. When a case is saved to a DVD, a DICOM viewer is automatically embedded allowing for remote case review and incorporation of IVUS images into a presentation slide.

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