THERAPEUTICS: Phoenix® Atherectomy System

Enhance your Treatment Options For Below the Knee Disease

Mechanism Of Action
  • Helps reduce risk of distal emboli by continually clearing disease as debulked
  • OTW design helps minimize chance of negative vessel interaction
Front Cutting
  • Quickly restore flow to foot with centralized, rotating, front-cutting design
  • No need to first pass nosecone beyond lesion prior to debulking
Single Insertion
  • Eliminate need to remove catheter to clean out debulked material collected during procedure
Low Profile
  • Profile down to 5F facilitates treatment of disease located below the knee
  • Treat a range of disease types, from soft plaque to calcified arteries
Easy To Use, Cost-Effective
  • Simple set-up
  • No capital equipment or additional procedural accessories required
  • No need to monitor cutting RPM or continuous debulking times

Click on a file name below to view the PDF document. Phoenix® Atherectomy System Brochure

Ordering Information
Part Number Catheter Size Introducer Size Working Length Guidewire Diameter
P18130K 1.8 mm Non-Deflecting 5F (>1.8 mm) 130 cm 0.014"
P18149K 1.8 mm Non-Deflecting 5F (>1.8 mm) 149 cm 0.014"
P22130K 2.2 mm Non-Deflecting 6F (>2.2 mm) 130 cm 0.014"
P22149K 2.2 mm Non-Deflecting 6F (>2.2 mm) 149 cm 0.014"
PD24127K 2.4 mm Deflecting 7F (>2.4 mm) 127 cm 0.014"

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