THERAPEUTICS: Pioneer® Plus Catheter

Intravascular Ultrasound Guided Re-Entry Catheter
  • IVUS transducer offers enhanced imaging for diagnosis and targeting
  • Controlled re-entry into the target lumen
  • Adjustable needle (24G) depth: 3 mm, 5 mm, and 7 mm
  • Curved-needle housing to enable targeting
  • Triple-braided shaft for enhanced trackability, torque control and needle movement
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use handle allows for single-handed deployment of needle
  • Thumb-activated safety lock for ease of use
  • 6F sheath compatibility
  • Dual 0.014” wire system (subintimal and re-entry wire)

Adjustable Needle Depth – Designed For Easier Penetration

Pioneer Plus Needle Depth

Product Features

Pioneer Plus Features

IVUS ChromaFlo® Feature Provides Visualization of the True Lumen

Pioneer Plus IVUS ChromaFlo

Step-By-Step Procedure Using The Pioneer® Plus Catheter

Insert the Pioneer Plus® catheter over the 0.014” subintimal guide wire.

Use IVUS to precisely target reentry. IVUS is used in order to localize the true lumen by the presence of flow. The Pioneer Plus® catheter should be rotated so the true lumen (identified by the Chromaflo® feature) is at the 12 o’clock position.

Deploy the nitinol needle to create a pathway to the true lumen.

Advance a non-hydrophilic 0.014” guide wire through the needle into the true lumen. This guide wire will be used to facilitate the placement of subsequent catheters after the Pioneer Plus® catheter is removed.

Retract the needle and remove the Pioneer Plus® catheter. True lumen re-entry is achieved and the vessel is now ready for additional intervention.

Pioneer® Plus Videos

Pioneer® Plus IVUS Run
Pioneer® Plus Product Animation

Click on a file name below to view the PDF document. Pioneer® Plus Brochure Pioneer® Plus IVUS Advantage brochure Pioneer® Plus Education Tools Highly Stenosed Lesions Brochure
Sheath Compatibility: 6F(0.087", 2.2mm)
Tracking Guidewire: 0.014"
Needle Guidewire: 0.014"
Catheter Length: 120 cm

* Saket et al. Novel intravascular ultrasound-guided method to create transintimal arterial communications. J Endovascular Therapy. 2004;11:274-280.

** The Pioneer® Plus catheter can only be used with the Volcano s5 Series or CORE Series of Systems. The catheter will not operate if connected to other imaging systems. Please refer to the Volcano s5 Series or CORE Series of Systems Operator's Manual for specific instruction regarding operation of the ultrasound system.

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